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PSYC 1010
Krista Phillips

Tutorial Participation #11  Two ways of having doctors practice in rural communities: a) penalize them if they try and work in cities, e.g., not give them an OHIP billing number unless they go to rural communities; b) after graduation all doctors should have to do “community service” for 2-3 years in under doctored areas before they are allowed to practice independently Discuss whether or not these would be good ideas. The two ways that are listed above of forcing doctors to practice in rural communities is kind of good and bad idea to make physicians work in rural hospitals. The first rule, the rule a), is way beyond the limitations of government, meant to say that it is basically just too much. You cannot punish anyone of not working in the rural communities because they got their own choices, which they even have a right to do. However the rule b), because it is not permanen
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