PSYC 1010 Study Guide - Soundness, Logical Reasoning

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25 Feb 2014
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PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
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In this assignment you will learn how to craft a position/argumentation paper. In other words, support your position with an argument that will be developed by following the steps below. The position argued for is an answer to the question of concept, not just a recap of your conceptual analysis. B) chose any of the topics suggested among the 11 possible topics listed in the questions for discussion in module 11, and write a 1500 essay that follows the steps below. In either case, here"s what you must do: 1 write a brief introduction to the topic. 2 present at least one argument for your view. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who disagrees with you. Try to convince your reader that the objection fails. 6 present at least one argument for an opposing view. 7 present a justi cation for the most controversial premise(s) of your opponent"s argument. 8 raise an objection to your opponent"s argument.

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