PSYC 1010 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Behaviorism, Empirical Research

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7 Apr 2020
Psychology Midterm 1 Review Notes - Chapters 1-4
Psychologist study:
How you act (behaviour/overt)
How you think (mental/covert)
How you feel (overt/covert)
How your brain and body respond (psychological/covert)
Structuralism: the task of psychology is to analyze consciousness into its basic elements and investigate
how these elements are related
Functionalism: based on the belief that psychology should investigate the functions or purpose of
consciousness rather than its structures
Behaviourism: study observable behaviour, importance of environment over hereditary, people can be
conditioned by their environment
Psychoanalytical/Psychodynamic: unconscious determinants of behaviour, how the unconscious
influences behaviour
Humanism: emphasizing humans' freedom and personal growth, freedom of choice and actualization of
the self as determinants of behaviour
Evolutionary: patterns of behaviour are the product of evolutionary forces, behaviour initially solved an
adaptive problem and increased chances of reproductive success
Positive Psychology: psychologists should research what helps us flourish and thrive, care for our health,
catalyze a change in the focus of psychology from only changing the worst things to also building
positive qualities, uses theory and research to better understand the positive, adaptive, creative, and
fulfilling aspects of human existence
Distance interventions: positive exercises to help people do better in their lives with empirical
evidence, does not include going to therapy
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