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Introduction to Psychology Lecture 11 (includes possible short answer question for test mentioned in class)

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Psych1010 Lecture 11 152012 12200 PM Chapter 7 Human MemoryThe Cognitive Approach y SCognitionsR Cognitions insight expectations predict Behavioural Approach y Interested in OVERT behaviour y Stresses the SR StimulusResponse relationship and argues that these relationships are stamped inKohler Insight the sudden understanding of how to do somethingsolve a problemInformationProcessing Approach to Memory y Inputprocessesoutput y Stimulusprocessesrecall or retrieval y StimulusSensory StoreSTM Shortterm memoryLTM Longterm memory o Sensory Memory reserves info in its original sensory form for a short time appof a second The sensation of the stimulus lingers briefly after the stimulus ends o Sensory Store subdividesIconicEchoic o Two things needed for info to go from sensory to STM 1 ATTENTION 2 Pattern Recognition o If info doesnt process it will decay o ShortTerm Memory Working Memory o Encodes to be transferred to LTM o LTM may also go to STM so you can access them o STM can hold info for about 1520 seconds o STM has a limited capacity and can hold 7 plus or minus 2 pieces of information o STM works on a buffer system o STM may be displaced or decayed
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