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Introduction to Psychology Lecture 12 (includes possible short answer question for test mentioned in class)

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

PSYCH1010 Lecture 12 1122012 12200 PM Chapter 7 ContdStorage in LTM Different memory systems for different kinds of info Semantic Memory y Involves memory for general info and for things that we have overlearned y These memories are usually not linked to a particular time and place y For example what you have for dinner in a typical American Christmas dinner Episodic Memory y Involves memory for specific eventsepisodes y These are usually unique rather than repeated ones y For example what you had for dinner yesterdayExplicit Memories y Explicitly trying to remember something Implicit Memories Incidental Memory y Not trying to remember something it is learned or taken in unconsciouslyInability to recall from LTM 1The information never made it to LTM PseudoForgetting 2 Information is available but its not accessibleWhy is info not accessible 1 EncodingSpecificity Principle or ContextDependent Forgetting a Not being able to recall info because the cues used at retrieval do not match the cues that were used at encoding b Youre using an inappropriate search strategyState Dependent Forgetting Learn Recall SoberSoberBest Recall ndDrunkDrunk 2 Best Recall
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