PSYC 1010 Midterm: Introduction to Psychology Lecture 12 (includes possible short answer question for test mentioned in class)

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18 Jan 2012
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PSYC 1010 Full Course Notes
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Storage in ltm (different memory systems for different kinds of info) Episodic memory y involves memory for specific events/episodes. y these are usually unique rather than repeated ones. y for example, what you had for dinner yesterday. Explicit memories y explicitly, trying to remember something. Implicit memories (incidental memory) y not trying to remember something, it is learned or taken in unconsciously. Inability to recall from ltm: the information never made it to ltm. (pseudoforgetting, information is available but it s not accessible. Why is info not accessible: encoding-specificity principle or context-dependent forgetting, not being able to recall info because the cues used at retrieval do not match the cues that were used at encoding, you re using an inappropriate search strategy. Drunk sober: interference (competition from other material) Learn retention interval recall: retroactive interference, new info interferes with the recall of older previously-learned info, proactive interference, older info interferes with the recall of newer info.