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Psychology Test One Short Answer

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Hints for short answer questions Test One1 selffulfilling prophecyThe definition of a selffulfilling prophecy in psychology is that negative beliefs predict negative behaviour or problems in life Surprisingly the psychological explanation of a selffulfilling prophecy is not that positive beliefs predict positive events Any positive or negative expectation about circumstances events or people that may affect a persons behaviour toward them in a manner that causes those expectations to be fulfilled An employer who for example expects the employees to be disloyal and shirkers will likely treat them in a way that will elicit the very response he or she expects The selffulfilling prophecy is a statement that alters actions and therefore comes true For example a person stating Im probably going to have a lousy day might alter his actions so that such a prediction is fulfilled by his actions This may be an unconscious gesture A person who might espouse a selffulfilling prophecy in a positive way Im going to have a great day might act in ways that will actually make this prediction true The selffulfilling prophecy actually predates its name Early examples of the selffulfilling prophecy are the Greek myths surrounding Oedipus Oedipus fulfills the oracles prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother by striving to avoid the prophecy This can be called a selffulfilling prophecy because it is Oedipus actions that make the prophecy true2 double
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