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Introduction to Psychology Lecture 16 (PSYCH1010 including short answer hint for Test 4))

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

PSYCH1010 Lecture 16 292012 11900 PM NatureNurture Controversy 1 Family Studies 2 Twin Studies the correlation in IQ scores between identical twins is compared to pairs of fraternal twins y Identical twins have a genetic similarity of 100 does not mean 100 same IQ 3 Adoption StudiesHeredity sets the limits on IQ and the environment determines where a person falls within these limitsReaction Range refers to the genetically determined limits on IQGenetics are 60 involved in IQ and Environment is 40Flynn Effect performance on IQ tests has steadily increased over generations suggesting the influence of the environmentChapter 14 Psychological Disorders Trephining in the Stone Age Asylums later in Europe1782 Pinel proposed that people are not possessed by demons but have sick minds He is responsible for the Medical Model Medical Model proposes that abnormal behaviour should be viewed as a disease and treated as oneContext is important in defining abnormal behaviour You need to look at the context of behaviours to define disorders or abnormalityDSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders There are 17 main psychological disorders which branch to 200 specific disorders Recent work is being done soon to release a new manual of similar stature In the past homosexuality was in the DSM as a psychological disorder
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