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PSYC 1010 - Test 1 Notes (Summer 2011)

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PSYC 1010
Jennifer Steele

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PSYC 1010Test 1 NotesChapter 1 The Evolution of Psychology Prescientific PsychologyBuddha traced the root of human suffering to our constant wanting and cravingConfucius believed that people must be understood and treated as best as possibleYin and Yang symbolizes the duality in nature and all things in the Taoist philosophySocrates and Plato differentiates mind from the body Aristotle however argues that the soul is not separate from the body Augustine de Hippo and Thomas Aquinas points out that the soul is immortal Ren Descartes argues that both mind and soul and body produces conscious experience by interaction interactive dualismJohn Locke introduces tabula rasa knowledge is determined only by experience derived from sense perception Immanuel Kant distinguishes knowledge feeling and desire within the mind Christian Wolff discriminates rational and empirical psychologyHermann von Helmholtz and Gustav Fechner contributed to the development of physiology which eventually leads to the emergence of psychology as a distinct discipline Psychology born as SciencePsychology was born as an independent discipline when Wilhelm Wundt established the first psychological research laboratory in 1879 at Leipzig Germany Wundt argued that psychology should be the scientific study of consciousnessStructuralism believed that psychology should use introspection to analyze consciousness into its basic elements Notable people include Edward B Titchener
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