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PSYC 1010 - Test 3 Notes (Summer 2011)

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PSYC 1010
Jennifer Steele

PSYC 1010Test 3 NotesChapter 9 Intelligence and Psychological TestingPsychological tests are standardized measures of mental or personality behaviorHigh Validity Existing correlation between test resultsLow Validity Nonexisting or little correlation between test resultsSir Francis Galton designed the early forms of intelligence testing as a way of showing that intelligence can be genetically inherited similar to Charles Darwin He believed that intelligence was related to things like reaction time and sensitivity to physical stimuliAlfred Binet later developed a more modern device to measure a childs mental age He emphasized more cognitive abilities of a child than Galtons psychophysical abilitiesLewis Terman revised Binets original scale into the StanfordBinet which Wilhelm Stern introduced Intelligence Quotient IQ as the standard method to test potential and knowledge IQ tests are exceptionally reliable but mainly under the scope of the WestDavid Wechsler developed the adult intelligent scale as a substitute for StanfordBinetBell Curve refers to the mental classification of IQ scores 100 being in the middleValidity of IQ tests become questionable when distinguishing its effects on individuals of verbal practical and social intelligences Normative samples compares an individual to the rest of the group Fullscale IQ is comprised of Verbal IQ and Performance IQBoth biological and environmental factors contribute to the intelligence of an individual but also cultural differences contributed to the mentality of an individuals mindCharles Spearman developed Factor Analysis to tease apart components of intelligenceSpearmans g suggests that scores on each subtest were determined by g and s factors
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