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Introduction to Psychology Lecture 18 (PSYCH1010 including short answer hint for Test 4))

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

PSYCH1010 Lecture 18 382012 112600 AM Schizophrenia Subtypes 1Paranoid Type a Delusions of persecution b No thought or affective disorders 2 Catatonic problems with motor activity 3 Disorganized 4 UndifferentiatedPositive SymptomsBehavioural excesses or peculiarities ie hallucinations delusions flight of ideasNegative SymptomsBehavioural Deficits ie social withdrawal apathyChapter 15 Treatment of Psychological Disorders3 Categories of Treatments 1 Insight Therapies Talk Therapies 2 Behaviour Therapies Based on Learning Principles 3 Biomedical Therapies ie medication electroconvulsive therapyPsychoanalysisAnxiety neurotic symptoms is related to conflictual feelings that were repressedThe aim is to uncover the underlying cause of the anxietyThe analysis tries to help the patient gain insight and reexperience the emotions that were repressed o Techniques 1 Free Association 2 Dream AnalysisManifest Content what the dream appears to be aboutLatent Content the true underlying meaning of the dream He arrives at this through Free Association
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