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PSYC 2021 - Exam 2 Notes (Fall 2011)

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York University
PSYC 2021
Margarete Wolfram

PSYC 2021Exam 2 NotesChapter 6 Probability ProbabilityProbability quantifies the possibility that something is true through calculations or tablesThe probability p of a target eventnumber of target eventsnumber of total eventsThe total number of possible events N can be represented as a multidimensional matrix n3of the total number of events a and the number of trials n Naeg 6216The most popular outcomes are binomial events such as win or lose male or female etcThis division does not seem to be clearcut as presented here and there are situations that fall in between p defines the target probabilities while q defines the probabilities outside the target probability The formula states pq1 CoefficientThe coefficient C is the different ways in which two possible outcomes correct and incorrect can mix It is calculated as CNrNr Where N is the total number of trials whereas r and Nr are the two subgroups of trials signals multiplications of successive numbers starting with one number preceding the multiplication sign and followed by those that are immediately below until 2 or 1 For example 66 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 Mean Standard Deviation and zvalueThe mean is calculated as Np while the standard deviation is NpqThe zvalue follows zX or more informally zXNpNpqIf the zvalue exceeds 4 then the probability is very miniscule below 00001
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