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PSYC 2021 - Exam 3 Notes (Fall 2011)

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PSYC 2021
Margarete Wolfram

1PSYC 2021Exam 3 NotesChapter 7 Introduction to Inferential Statistics Standard error of the mean N The smaller thethe more normal the distribution 222Best estimate of SSNSSN N1SSN1 2 Z scores can also be calculated using zXbarH makes an explicit statement while the H makes a directional claim HH 01102zX as stated by H where H is the alpha the region of rejection bar01Type I error H is rejected but H is true Type II error H is retained but H is false 0000Type I is justified but rejected Type II is temporarily passive but wrongfully accepted Alpha is the risk of making a Type I error Decreasing Type I risk increases Type II risk Chapter 8 Testing Hypotheses using a Single Sample chevronStandard error of the meanSSNN1sNsN1 Degrees of freedom df in the single sample mean dfN1if there is only one sample mean involved in the calculation of the standard error of the mean Using df is irrelevant to the ztest Ifis known ztest is used Choice of alpha conventional 05 Probability of a Type I error01 95 Confidence Interval C Xt where X is the center of the 95bar05 x standard error of meanbarconfidence interval and t defines the width of the interval Chapter 9 Variables WithinSubjects Designs and the TTest for Correlated Samples Disturbance noiserandom Variables the clear relation that ideally exists between IV and DV where other variables tend to muddle this relation Confounding variables a systematic correlation between the IV and DV that affect the dependent variable correlated to the IV
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