PSYC 2030 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bar Chart, Analysis Of Variance, Histogram

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25 Jan 2013

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Psych2030 intro to research methods lecture 313-01-24 7:04 pm. Test 1 in 2 weeks (chapter 5, 6, 7) **for test, you will not be tested on:*: research examples, grey boxes. ***hint: 95% of notes covered from lecture will be on test 1*** This assures that: every condition occurs equally often in every sequential position, every condition precedes and follows every other condition exactly once. Note: the number of subjects you use must be equal to or a multiple of the number of rows (sequences) **will not be responsible to make a latin-square design, but just know about it** Counterbalancing equalizes groups: it can rule out certain confounding variables such as practice effects. Tested more than once under a given condition: reverse counterbalancing, for example, sequence of conditions cadb will after be tested as bdac, disadvantage is that people may catch on and predict condition, block randomization.