PSYC 2030 Midterm: 2030 ResearchMethods TEST 1 lecture notes 1-4

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27 Jan 2017

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Critical thinking: rational & logical process of avoiding one"s preconcept by gathering data and evaluating evidence and alternative interpretations. Experimental research method (chapter 5): experimenter varies one or more variables or factors while holding others constant. Advantages : 1-you can infer causes and effects 2-you have control over the situation. Extraneous variable: variables that are not controlled and are of no interest to the experimenter. They are not a problem as long as they are held constantex. Room temperature (coldness) its constant bc everybody is exposed to that temperature. The confounding variable is uncontrolled extraneous variable that changed with the independent variable and can also affect the dependent variable. The experiments can be conducted in lab vs. field (real life setting) Independent variable: the variable that the experiment manipulates to see if it affects a given behavior (has to have at least 3 levels) Dependent variable: the variable that"s measured to see if the iv had an effect.