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LECTURE 3 notes: JAN 21st-Lecture 3 notes including test 1 content information... Lectue material on: End of chapter 6, All of chapter 7

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PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

Research Methods LECTURE 3Jan 21st 2011Page 1TEST 1 FEB 4TH CHAPTER 5 6 7brief section in chapter 4 regarding statistics helps with the understanding of the next chapterunderstand the concepts a lot of examplesie tell me what the confounding variable isNO dates5 short answer questions no definitions ex how couldact as a confounding variable give an example of how regression could act as a confounding variable in a post study62 multiple choice25 hoursuse online study guideChapter 6Cohort Effect last lecturesubject variable can reek the same kind of issuesgroup was exposed to a particular time in historyCohort Sequential Designallows the researcher to determine whether a cohort effect does exista way to see do we have a cohort effect in operationessential it combines longitudinal and cross sectional aspects of studies and combines them togetherneed to be same design for the study dont want to introduce any other confounding variables
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