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PSYC 2030 - Test 1 Notes (Winter 2012)

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York University
PSYC 2030
Rebecca Jubis

PSYC 2030 Test 1 Notes Chapter 5 Introduction to Experimental Research Process versus Content The knowledge we have about the different content areas of psychology have the same or similar underlying process Derived from research the process can be applied to any content area Critical thinking is another type derived from process that is important in interpretationCritical Thinking is a logical and rational process of avoiding ones preconceptions by gathering evidence contemplating and evaluating alternatives and coming to a conclusion Evaluation of the data and hypothesis at hand without holding subjective preconceptions makes a critical thinker develop overtimeExperimental Research the experimenter varies one or more variables while holding others constant There are usually two or more variables that are particularly concerned in every research but variables can be anything that can take on a different value or that can change The typical variables include the Independent IV and Dependent DV o The IV is the cause that is manipulated to see if it has an effect on behavior DV o The DV is the behavior that is measured to see if the IV had an effect Extraneous Variable variables that are not controlled and are of no interest to the experiment They are not a problem as long as they are held constant Compared to Confounding Variable the variables are unwanted because they cause problems to the gathered results in the studyUsually the first thing sought to resolve the confounding variable is to reexamine the relationship between the IV and extraneous variable resulting in the values of DVNevertheless there are advantages to experimental research in general The researcher can infer a cause and effect relationship and influence them to the expectations of the
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