PSYC 2030 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Confounding, Criterion Validity, Discriminant Validity

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30 May 2016

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Jan 29th: ch 8 experimental design 2: Factorial designs involve 2 or more iv in a study, numbering system that simultaneously identifies the number of ivs and levels of each iv. Example: 2x3 factorial = 2 iv and iv has 2 levels, one has 3 levels. 2 digits = 2 iv, 3 digits = 3 iv 2x3x5. Order doesn"t really matter, but usually put the smaller numbers first. To determine the number of cells in the matrix calculates the product on the numbers in the notation. To determine what type of factorial is being used, count how many levels in each iv and how many ivs in total. Iv with 2 levels = t test. Iv with multiple levels 1 way anova. Example: if you ask if there is a main effect of memory strategy, at 1st forget about the 2nd iv.