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Psych 2110 FINAL EXAM REVIEW.docx

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PSYC 2110
Jessica Schroeder, M A

FINAL EXAM REVIEW: NOTE - overlaps between guest lectures and course material (text/ slides) IMP - importance order: ch. 11à 15 à 14 ***Ch.11 (important chapter!) - Universal emotions / sequence of emotions (pg 422) classes of emotion - Emotional display rules/ regulation - Conversations about emotions (how to foster/ maximize emotional development - **TEMPERMENT (6 types) - parents ß> child - influences on temperament (how they interact) - STABILITY OF TEMPERMENT (predictors of future) - Early Temperment profiles and later (Thomas and Chess) - child rearing temperment - ATTACHMENT** SHORT ANSWER!! (KNOW ENTIRE CHAPTER WELL - focus) o Theories o How they become attach o Feeding and caregiving o Reciprocol o Innate features are more likely to elicit att. To caregivers o STRANGER/ SEPERATION ANXIETY o STRANGE SITUATION o Table 11.1 pg 444 (diff. Attachment theories) o Different attachment types (secure/ insecure types) • How that impacts attachement types in the future (how others respond to you, romantic relationships, etcc) o Impact of attachment o Table 11.7 o DAY Care 11.5 quality of day care Ch. 12 (not as important: general questions) - Who am I? Self –concept - Developmental pathways of self concept (how it changes over time) - Fig 12.3 Multidimensional and hierarchical model of self esteem = impact of self worth - Relational self worth (related to others) comparison to others - Diff influences of self concept - Achievement/ mastering motivation - Phases (3- ie: joy seeking) pg 480 - Pg 485 table 12.3 (stability vs instability) + locus of causality - Learned Helpless ness fig 12.6 (core success/failures) - Identity development (Erikson stages of ID development) - P 490 fig 12.7 - Stages of Social cog development Ch. 13 - Sex vs gender def - Gender roles/ differences - Cultural myths - Differ influeces of gener - “Developmental trends in gender typing” section o how its impacted over time o nature vs. nurtur
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