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Social Psych Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Group Dynamics and Intergroup Relations Group two or more people who are interacting or influencing one another Collective group groups that exceed 20 people in size nations religions or political parties these groups are important when it comes to making critical decisions Individual Performance and Behavior in Group Settings Social Facilitation The Effects of an AudienceSocial Facilitation idea that Triplett concluded that people do better when they are in the presence of others Zajonc later concluded that group interaction increases the probability of dominate responses on tasks these tasks are things that are simple or a person has done many times before whereas novel complicated tasks will worsen in front of an audience Social Loafing Goofing Off When Others Can Do the Work Social loafing people may slack off in groups the reduced motivation is due to people feeling that their personal contribution is unidentifiable One factor that influences social loafing is the importance of the group to members less likely to loaf if the group is meaningful to you Another factor influencing the loafing is the attractiveness of the group people are more motivated if the people in the group are friends or people are just attracted to others in the group Social loafing can be either be due to explicit or implicit reasons Men are more likely to social loaf then women women are more group orientated whereas men are more individualistically oriented social loafing is also more likely in individualistic cultures than collectivisticDeindividuation Immersion in a Group Refers to having a loss of personal identity and a sense of immersion in the group wearing a uniform or costume that hides your identity Deindividuation can lead to people being less inhibited to performing harmful or socially undesirable behavior this can lead prison guards using unacceptable behavior on prisoners It can heighten peoples responsiveness to external cues ve or ve people will act more ve when their in a group with ve people or vice versa It also increases peoples adherence to norms that emerge in the groupif a norm of aggression occurs in the group people are more likely to change their direction and follow the new norm Decision Making in GroupsGroupthink Bad Decisions Because of Pressure to Agree Refers to a way of think that group decisions increases pressure to agree and leads to biased appraisal of options and poor decisions members are
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