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Personality : Detailed Lecture TWO Notes

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PSYC 2130
Krista Phillips

Personality Lecture NotesProf Krista PhillipsLECTURE TWO Sept 14 2011 Critical Issues in Personality Assessment Chapters 3 and 5 Personality tests So call expert evaluations of so call peoplePsychologists include different aspects in their personality assessmentsClinical psychology clinicians rely on actually psychological tests and evaluationsWhyDifferent training depends on the psychologists expertise What you get in a check up by a psychologist depends on your theoretical background of the individualPsychologists conduct on a clinical interview on their spare times Observing someone can tell you a lot about a person Getting a sense of what a person is like Erwin Silverman he measures the amount of time it took the moment of first contact with a patient and how much time it relaxes until a diagnosis is put on the chart a lot of diagnosis is based on the clinical interview It takes 10 minutes for a psychologist to produce a diagnosis for a subjectFirst floor
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