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For Midterm 2 (Videos watched in class notes)

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PSYC 2230
Pauline Charlton

VIDEO: The 5 communication secrets that swept Obama to the presidency 1. Words voice tone and body language (7%) -Words use sensory specific words rather than abstract. -User friendly words, not jargon -Tell stories rather than downloading useless data. Storytelling is powerful. We can all relate to stories on a deeper level Voice Tone ( 48%) -vary your voice tone. Make it interesting, different from one time to another. You can vary it through: (1)volume, (2)softly, (3)pace(fast, slow), (4)pitch. The larger the variation the more engaged the audience. PUNCTUATE: (1) punctuate by words: THIS… IS…VERY…IMPORTANT. (2)punctuate by syllable: this is VERY important -The pause…use the pause. It breaks things up, lets people digest the information. -Increase your resonance. (1)Speak with fuller resonance to have authority and impact, Body Lanuage(55%) -posture(shoulders up and square) -”The body never lies” & ”the body always speaks first” -Acknowledge them with eye contact. It’s all about them -Express speak with your hands. If your hands are going down, people tend to pay attention more. Use the power zone. Mainly gesture within the shoulders and down (center) is the power zone. -Listening, Best communicators are the best listeners. Acknowledge people by listening. Two ways to listen--RTP listening( ready to pounce) & Tabula rasa listening ( Latin:blank state) : Receiving,digest, respond, Listen in order to connect. - Staying centered is key to peak performance and confidence. 2.The lasered compelling message -What do I feel? (experience) What do I want? COMMUNICATE WHAT YOU WANT COMMUNICATE HOW YOU FEEL -repetition of a theme is compelling 3. The communication effectiveness continum -Engage in a conversation. Don’t want to be “preachy” -be fully connected with them. 4. The four languages VISUAL -speak the visual language -generate visual energy AUDITORY (CLEAR AND ATTRACTIVE MESSAGING) -speak the auditory language -speak so you are easy to listen to AUDITORY DIGITAL(DAT
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