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PSYC 2240 - Test 1 Notes (Fall 2011)

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PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

PSYC 2240Test 1 NotesChapter 1 The Major Issues Biological Psychology is the study of the physiological evolutionary and developmental mechanisms of behavior and experience Biological Explanations of BehaviorCommon sense explanations of behavior often refer to nonassumed intentional goalsPhysiological explanation relates a behavior to the activity of the brain and other organsOntogenetic explanation describes how a structure or behavior develops including the influences of genes nutrition experiences and their interactionsEvolutionary explanation reconstructs the evolutionary history of a structure or behaviorFunctional explanation describes why a structure or behavior evolved as they didHowever functional explanation in human behavior is controversial to evolution The Brain and Conscious ExperienceDualism The belief that mind and body are different kinds of substances that exist independently Rene Descartes Biological explanations of mindbodymindbrainMonism The belief that the universe consists of only one kind of substance o Materialism everything exists as material or physical Lacks mental existence o Mentalist only the mind exists and the physical world could not exist unless some mind was aware of it o Identity position mental processes and certain kinds of brain processes is the same thing described in different termsSolipsism I alone exist Other people are like robots or characters in a dream
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