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PSYC 2240 - Test 3 Notes (Fall 2011)

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PSYC 2240
Pauline Charlton

PSYC 2240Test 3 NotesChapter 10 Internal Regulation Homeostasis and AllostasisHomeostasis refers to the temperature regulation and other biological processes that keep certain body variables within a fixed range Allostasis refers to the adaptive way in which the body changes its set point in response to changes in life or the environmentA set point is a single value that the body works to maintain Processes that reduce discrepancies from the set point are known as negative feedbackTemperature regulation uses about twothirds of our energykilocalories per dayBasal metabolism is the energy used to maintain a constant body temperature while at rest Poikilothermic is the idea that body temperature matches that of the environmentHomeothermic refers to the use of internal physiological mechanisms to maintain an almost constant body temperature mammals and birdsSweatingpanting decrease temperature while shivering increasing metabolic rate and decreasing blood flow to the skin increases temperature Brain MechanismsThe preoptic areaanterior hypothalamus POAAH seems to play a predominant role in the regulation of body temperature POAAH cells also receive input from temperature sensitive receptors in the skinFever is part of the bodys defense mechanism against bacterial and viral infectionsBacteria and viruses trigger the release of leukocytes which also release cytokinesThe vagus nerve stimulates the hypothalamus to produce a fever
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