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PSYC 2510
Richard N Lalonde

February 6, 2013 Psychology – Lecture 17 Question Period (for Exam 3) Exam 3: (on Feb.13, 2013)  Approximately 75 multiple choice (worth 1 point) and 6-7 short answers (worth 2-3 points each)  Chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12 (Motivation & Emotion, Intelligence, Development and Personality)  Lecture material , methods (experimental, quasi-experimental & correlational)  Problems with stage models  Understand why Freud isn’t important anymore in psychology (Unconsciousness hard to test)  Erikson’s 8 Stages of psychosocial development (general knowledge, in multiple choice)  Kohlberg’s theory – understand the logic behind each of the 3 stages  Do not need to know specific ages for any of the theories – need to know order and general info Note: Test in the Textbook on pg. 593 – No. 9, Answer B, should be C Review/Answers to Questions Habituation-Dishabituation paradigm  A way of measuring a child’s behaviour through physiological means  If you are repeatedly exposed to something, you get used to it/you habit
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