PSYC 3140 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hermann Rorschach, Unstructured Interview, Projective Test

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Chapter 4 clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment theoretical orientation. To help client overcome problems, clinicians must fully understand the client and his or her particular difficulties. To gather such individual information, clinicians use the procedures of assessment and diagnosis. Then they are in a position to offer treatment. Assessment is simply the collecting of relevant information in an effort to reach a conclusion. Clinical assessment is used to determine whether, how, and why a person is behaving abnormally and how that person may be helped. It also enables clinicians to evaluate people"s progress after they have been in treatment for a while and decide whether the treatment should be changed. The specific tools that are used to do an assessment depend on the clinician"s. Psychodynamic clinicians use methods that assess a client"s personality and probe for unconscious conflicts he or she analysis of the person"s behaviors an analysis of how the behaviors are learned and reinforced.