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PSYC 3140 - Midterm Exam Notes (Fall 2011)
PSYC 3140 - Midterm Exam Notes (Fall 2011)

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York University
PSYC 3140
Michael Luther

PSYC 3140Midterm Exam Notes DSMIVTR Classification Axis I Clinical Syndromes diagnosis in infancy childhood or adolescencedelirium dementia amnestic and other cognitive substancerelated schizophrenia and other psychotic mood anxiety somatoform factitious dissociative sexual and gender identity eating sleep unclassified impulse control adjustment Axis II Personality disorders paranoid schizoid schizotypal antisocial borderline histrionic narcissistic avoidant dependent obsessivecompulsive Axis III General Medical Conditions infectious and parasitic diseases neoplasms endocrinenutritionalmetabolic diseases diseases of the blood and blood forming organs diseases of the nervous system and sensory organs diseases of the circulatory system diseases of the respiratory system diseases of the digestive system diseases of the genitourinary system Axis IV Psychosocial and Environmental Problems Liferelated and social problems Axis V Global Assessment of Functioning ScaleGAF Scale 0 to 100 scale of assessment Chapter 5 Anxiety Disorders CharacteristicsAnxiety is an affective state whereby an individual feels threatened by the potential occurrence of a future negative event Historically classified under neurosis it is popularly known as the fight or flight response In comparison fear is a more primitive emotion that occurs in response to a present or real threat while panic is an extreme fear reaction that is triggered when there is nothing to be afraid of false alarmFreud focused on anxiety in his 1895 paper Obsessions and Phobia using the id ego and superego as the conflicting factors of human anxiety although widely rejected
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