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Cognitive Psychology Final Exam Review.docx

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PSYC 3260
Vinod Goel

Cognitive Psychology Final Exam ReviewThe Brainan Overview of Structure and Function Chapter 2 Maximum brain weight is 1350 grams at age 20Hindbrain contains medulla oblongata pons and cerebellumMedulla oblongata transmits info from the spinal cord to the brain and regulates life support functionsThe Pons acts as a neural relay centre facilitates the crossover of info between the left side of the body and the right side of the brain and vice versaThe cerebellum contains neurons that coordinate muscular activity and also governs balance and involves general motor behaviour and coordinationThe midbrain is involved in relaying information between other brain regions contains reticular formation and helps keep us awake and alert and is involved in the sudden arousal we may need to respond to a threatening stimulusThe forebrain is related to cognitive issues It consists of the thalamus which is the switching station for sensory info and also involves memory The hypothalamus which controls the pituitary gland by releasing hormones and also controls other homeostatic behaviours The hippocampus involves the formation of long term memories and the amygdale which modulates emotional memories and emotional learning and basal ganglia which involves the production of motor behaviourThe cerebral cortex carries info between the cortex and thalamus or between different parts of the cortex It consists of four parts the frontal temporal parietal and occipitalThe motor cortex directs fine motor movementThe prefrontal cortex is involved with what neuroscientists call executive functioning planning making decisions and using working memory to process info The prefrontal cortex is the last brain region to matureFaculty psychology was the theory that different mental abilities were independent and autonomous functions carried out in different parts of the brainPhrenology is a discredited idea that psychological strengths and weaknesses could be precisely correlated to the relative sizes of different brain areas The two assumptions were that the size of a portion of the brain corresponded to its relative power and that different faculties were absolutely independentAphasia disruption of expressive language Brocas aphasia is when the person is unable to produce many words or speak fluently Wernicks aphasia is when speech makes no sense and cannot understand speechThe primary somato sensory cortex is like the motor cortexBrain ablation is the removal of parts of the brain
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