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Study Guides for PSYC 3290 at York University


PSYC 3290 Final: WEEK 2 LECTURE 2

WEEK 2 LECTURE 2 kids are better at learning new languages than adults First Language acquisition experience with irst language adults may ask for help and use resources to overcome challenges unlike infants Acquiring lang...

PSYC 3290
Chandan Narayan
PSYC 3290 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cognitive Reserve, White Matter, Episodic Memory

Linguistic Relativity: cognitive processes are different as a function of different languages being spoken Logic Summary: (1) different languages utilize different semantic/grammatical representations, which are informat...

PSYC 3290
Raluca Barac
PSYC 3290 Study Guide - Final Guide: Parsing, Eye Tracking, Eye Movement

Ch. 6 Sentence Comprehension & Memory Thursday, February 7, 208:30 AM FOR EXAM ...

PSYC 3290
Raluca Barac
Psycholinguistics Final Exam Review.docx

Sentence Processing and ComprehensionAmbiguity in language arises in a number of ways there are ambiguities associated with the segmentation of speech Some sentences have more than one acceptable syntactic interpretationHo...

PSYC 3290
Justin Friesen
Psycholinguistics Midterm Review.docx

Psycholinguistics Midterm ReviewLinguistic relativity asks the question does language influence cognitionCommunication is a means of relaying information between at least two agentsLanguage is human speech an artificial sy...

PSYC 3290
Justin Friesen
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