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PSYC 3310
Justin Friesen

Psychopathy Psychopathy Personality disorder not officially recognized by the DSMSomeone who is psychopathic displays specific interpersonalaffective emotional and behavioural characteristics Interpersonal ArrogantDeceptiveAD Affective lack of affect Behavioural ImpulsiveIrresponsibleIIAntisocial Behaviour a violation of the rights of othersThe Inuit in Alaska use the term Kunlangeta to describe an individual who repeatedly lies and cheats and steal things and does not go hunting and when the other men are out of the village takes sexual advantages of many womensomeone who does not pay attention to reprimands and who is always being brought to the elders for punishment What is important is that psychotic people are rational logical wise sensible thinking people they know right from wrong Cleckley the mask of sanity Cleckley was a psychiatrist and he published a book called the mask of sanity He purported that the psychopathic person seems perfectly normal on the outside but on the inside they are not Psychopathic people put on a mask for the outside world Internally they have all of the problems listed above interpersonal affective behavioural and antisocialIn Cleckleys book he listed 16 characteristics of the psychotic person ranging for positive characteristics like good intelligence social charm absence of delusions and anxiety emotionalinterpersonal features lack of remorse untruthfulness unresponsiveness in interpersonal relations behavioural problems antisocial behaviour unreliability failure to follow any life plan Hare Psychopathy Checklist PCL The most popular tool to measure Psychopathy in adults The psychopathy checklist is comprised of 20 items The interviewer reads the clients file and then ask the client specific questions 4 different themesfactorscategories of question on the psychopathy checklist Factor 1 Interpersonal Arrogant Deceit Factor 2 Affect lack of affect 3 Factor 3 Behavioural irresponsibleimpulsive Factor 4 Antisocial behaviour violation of the rights of othersEach item is scored from 2 1 or 0 2 have 1 maybe 0 do not haveThe total score of the test is out of 40 Scores from 30has psychopathy Scores from 2030 mixed group Scores 20 and below non psychopathAlternative methods selfreports The Psychopathic Personality Inventory PPI154 questions measure psychopathy in offenders and community sample TheSelf Report Psychopathy Scale SRP64 in community Advantages and disadvantagesAdvantage Inexpensive easy to administer can detect faking good and badDisadvantage psychopathic people often lie they may not be a good judge of their character
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