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Psychology and the Law ch 6

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PSYC 3310
Regina Schuller

Juries Criminal cases are acts committed and recognized by the criminal code of canadaCivil cases breach of contract or a claim of harmtortcan have less jurors than criminal 68 and verdicts do not need to be unanimous Both can be heard by a jury or judge aloneJury selection in canada The cases heard by juries Only a few trials use juries relative to the amount that happen in canada Three types of offenses summary not having the option of a summary hybrid cross of the other 2 and indictable has 3 different categoriesLess serious indictable offenses heard only by judgetheft not complying w probation or by obtaining moneyproperty on false pretenses Highly serious indictable offense tried by judge and jurytreason murder and piracyif attorney general and accused agree the trial may not include a jury Things like arson robbery and sexual assault w a weapon the accused can choose if they want a jury the accused has 3 options Only have a judge and no preliminary inquiry Have a judge w a preliminary inquiry Be tried by a judgejury and a preliminary inquiry if they dont choose then they will also use this option Jury selectionJuries act provincialterritorial legislation which outlines criteria for how jurors are picked
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