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Psychology and the Law ch 9

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York University
PSYC 3310
Regina Schuller

Psychopathy personality disorder defined by interpersonal affective and behavioral characteristics sometimes known as a intraspecies predator The disorder is found around many areas of the worldAssessment of psychopathy Cleckley in the mask of sanity gave a clinical description of a ppgave 16 features which include ve features good intelligence social charm emotionalinterpersonal features lack of remorse untruthfuland behavioral problems Hare Psychopathy ChecklistRevised PCLR is used around the world 20 item rating scale uses a semistructured interview to assess interpersonal affect and behaviour features to pp each item is scored on a 3pt scale 2 means it definitely applies 0 means the symptom doesnt apply PCLR has 3 groups high PCLR group psychopaths score30 middle group mixed group 20x30 lowscoring group nonpsychopaths score20 There are 2 correlational factors Factor 1 interpersonalaffect Factor 2 unstablesocially deviant Factor 1 more related to predatory violence and poor response to treatment Factor 2 related to reoffending substance abuse and lack of edu PP are also assessed w selfreports these are good since they measure traits others dont see easy to administer some questions can be used to detect faking good or faking bad Problems they lie may not know about all their traits hard for them to report emotions they havent experienced ie Remorse Psychopathic Personality InventoryRevised PPIR and SelfReport Psychopathy Scale SRP 2 types of selfreport scales usedPPIR used for offenders and community samples SRP is used for community samples
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