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York University
PSYC 3410
Michael Luther

INTERNET EDUCATION pg 1 NAME THEORY INFO BOOK Marshal Learning & the “Global village” and “the medium is the message” McLuhan media pg231 Torkelson History Audio visual replace visual textual instruction in Pg 232 WWII. AECT 75th anniversary Distance Been around for 100yrs+ Now formal and education institutionally based e.g. Penn University Seymore CAI pg232 Computer Assisted Instruction BOOK Papert “Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Mindstorms: Ideas” Theory was that children could learn to By Papert program their own computers & so become more intelligent & creative & and independent learners. His approach was Piagetian coz kids could explore the computer on their own and create their own intelligence. Piaget didn’t believe in drills learning on the computer Narrol CAI pg233 Felt that MLE was impt to teaching computer programming. PSI pg233 Personalized system of Instruction (PSI)- individualized learning step by step. Allows students to study at their own pace. Crystalize before move to next level. Foster & - Found that math students learnt better & Richardson retained more of the material using PSI, than conventional lecture based courses. Even Eppler & though more students dropped PSI courses ironsmith Internet pg233 Internet technology IT 30 yrs old. Ist used by military then researchers. Now library access by universities… Gaffin EFF’s Extended Guide To The internet-share data, exchange emails as quick as a phone call WWW HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol Price Pg234 - Web provides convenient & inexpensive meth of course delivery Mc Gonigle & - Highly stimulating medium allows profs to Eggers provide virtual learning environs to local & global educational markets Interactive Tech Audio visual tech innovations make internet interactive, can see videos etc and interact with other students & teacher all at once. E.g. Queens University 22 month MBA program. Pg 234 CMC Computer-Mediated Communication Amy Wu - Set out a list of principles to enhance MLE online and preconditions for fostering a “productive discourse” in edu among Amy Wu Pg235 learners/teachers using internet as a tool and Principles to Piaget’s “social constructivist” theory INTERNET EDUCATION pg 2 guide o Use electronic tech of IT to structure interaction with real tasks, roles, modeling, feedback & insights o Moderating of interactions is crucial o No structure reduces motivation & performance MAIN ARGUMENTS PROS pg 235 - Internet ed offers a revolution in learning at university level, exciting, accessible vehicle fo delivery. McClure - Will soon become a global market Broad - Children who do not normally raise their hands become more engaged Owsten - The virtual university CONS pg235 - Untested prodigogy method which can Clark become a Frankenstein endeavor both financially & educationally McGonigle - Against relying too heavily on tech to carry out good teaching. - Tech problems could occur Wheeler - Problems assessing students,- authenticity (who they say they are?) & reliability - Teachers provided little or no training in setting up INTERNET ISSUES AND DRAWBACKS Accessibility & - Believe there are barriers to access convenience - Overload on current systems to handle pg 236 “online traffic” Owsten - Students may not have the tech - Copyright infringements Simonson - Confirmed by Simonson Eggers - Students could get frustrated with
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