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Nonverbal Learning Disorder_SUMMURY.docx

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York University
PSYC 3410
Michael Luther

NON VERBAL LEARNING DISABILITY Although there are support for students entering Post secondary school for people with Learning disability, people with Non-Verbal Learn Disability (NLD) are not provided with as much research as LD. This affects those with NLD with social and emotional issues. Identified in 1960’s to 1970’s. Associated with damage in white matter of brain in right hemisphere. Recent research suggests NLD may form a milder syndrome on Austism /Aspergers disorder. Prevalence. 0.5 – 1% of general population have NLD..... Equivalent to schizophrenia. Academic Characteristics. - People with NLD range average on Verbal vocab and comprehension on IQ scores. However there is a big discrepancy between Verbal and Performance IQ with Verbal IQ score often significantly higher than performance IQ - Also have visual special information difficulties. Causing organization skills problems which are problematic for the student life . - Don’t like being touched. Tactile information. - Social issues occur due to not being able to pick up subtle body language. Can lead to awkwardness/getting bullied or out casted. Social Emotional functioning and Mental health issues for those with NLD - Little research shows NLD people have disruptive behaviour. - Not sure if mental health causes LD. Or vice versa Depression and Non-Verbal learning disabilities. - Depression is ongoin
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