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PSYC 3430 Study Guide - Final Guide: Health Promotion, Stress Management, Fetus

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PSYC 3430
Gerry Goldberg
Study Guide

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What are the health promotion priorities for the future?
- still potential for health psychology to make a change due to rise in new health problems
- Social Marketing: application of marketing technologies developed in the commercial sector to the solution of
social problems where the bottom line is behaviour change. Also involves analysis, planning, execution and
evaluation of programs designed to influence the voluntary behaviour of target audiences to improve their personal
welfare and that of society
Focus on those at risk
- with the development of ways to detect at risk populations, psychological interventions will be needed to help in
these populations
- by studying at risk populations can determine social/environmental factors that contribute
- Behavioural Immunization: campaigns aimed to prevent younger audiences from maladaptive health behaviours.
Focus on Elderly
- will see largest senior population in the next ten years.
- fruits/veggies, frequent exercise, minimizing stress levels and feeling connected to one's community where all
positive factors.
Refocusing Health Promotion Efforts
-focus towards morbidity over mortality due to its more preventable nature
- more expensive to treat due to their long duration
- ActNow BC was a program that would in crease health living through: physical activity, eating, schools,
workplaces, communities, pregnancies and tobacco control
- by improving health people will live longer and will not incur the costs of chronic illness
- programs like the one above are comprehensive and have proven effective in multiple provinces
Promoting Resilience
- increase positive effect by ^ things like social support and supportive communities
- pose protective and restorative effects and more focus must be placed here.
Promotion as part of health care
- focus on promoting healthy lifestyle during check ups to further improve health of patients
SES and health
- low ses seen as those struggling the most with health . 3x more likely to develop diabetes, earlier mortality
- need to develop interventions to specifically target this population and maladaptive habits i.e. drug use and alcohol
- Aboriginals very disadvantaged, lower life expectancy, higher rate of suicide. Related to their low ses status
Social Change to Improve Health
- despite high health expectancy many social factors can decrease the quality of life in those extra years. Those
living in dangerous environments with more crime and violence. Health environments seen as extremely beneficial.
Gender and Health
- women outlive men despite higher rates of illness, although gap is closing
- diversity among canadian women requires increased sensitivity to the problems effecting each group
- women not included in drug trials due to fears of effecting childbearing age, fetus damage or putting future
children at risk. this poses a problem as women react differently than men do in certain drugs and is not accounted
- Different risk factors for major diseases
- Differ in their biochemistry and their physiological reaction to stress
- Symptoms, age of onset, reactions and dosage required may all differ.
- must consider social factors against women i.e. violence as other factors as well
Where is stress research headed?
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