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midterm 1

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PSYC 3430
Peter Papadogiannis

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-Groups constrain them, sustain them and guide them -30 billion is the estimate for amount of groups on the planet -Group dynamic the actions, processes, and changes that occur within groups and between groups the two questions: 1. what is a group? 2. What is this field of study we are calling group dynamics? - fish swimming in synchronized unison school - gathering of kangaroos mob - threesome of crows sitting on a wire murder - group of whales gam - flock of larks in flight exaltation - people of study groups are not conformists - group is stressed on the importance of communication or mutual dependence - has to be connected to each other in socially meaningful ways should be linked by some type of relationship - group is two or more individuals who are connected by and within social relationships - groups range from dyads and triads to mobs, crowds and congregation - normally small ranging from 2-7 - John James groups of two face to face interaction, gesticulation, laughter, smile, talk play or work - Larger groups are created for some purpose
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