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Midterm Review chp 1 - 5 nutrition.docx

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York University
PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Midterm ReviewJanuary1714202 PM Nutrition MIDTERM REVIEW CHAPTER 1 AN OVERVIEW OF NUTRITION Health spiralwhen you get illness other factors start to get in and you spiral down Malnutritionaltered metabolismloss apatiteimpaired nutrition weak immunityillness worsennutrition status drop stSo we should be eating well and avoid Malnutrition in the 1 placeDiet related diseaseHeart diseasesCancerStrokeDiabetes Nutrition Important HEALTHmoderation and common sensePhysical activityyou need to know good foods to be able to be active Spiritual healthethical values vegans dont eat meat to not to kill animals Emotional Healthwhen stressed you eat comport food or stop eating Social HealthWhen you go out with friends you decide to eat outOccupational healthoffice works should eat less than gym teachers NutritionHealthnutrition haseffect on healthStressCaffeine Cataractslung cancerfruitsvegetable Mouth esophagus cancerliver diseasealcohol Hypertensionsalt Alcoholfruitveggies Cardiovascular diseasesdiabetesfatobesityfiber Stomach cancersmoked foods Colon cancerfatred meatcalcium fiber veggies OsteoporosiscalciumObesity is growing problem in every age group Obese as child will lead to obese adulthood Genetic inactive high energy dense foodObesity being classified as a disease bythe government is the worst thing that couldve beendonWhypeople look at it like a drug looking for a curecaught it somewhereshifts the responsibilityso the person no longer feels like they have to do anything about it Obesity directly releated toSome cancer diabetes insulin resistance hypertension high blood pressure Atherosclerosis poor blood lipids Strokeheart attack Diabetes Increase Glucoseinsulinthan glucose moved from blood into muscle cellfat cellChronically over load of glucosefat cell enlargeresist action of insulin Fat cells resist effect of insulinglucose staysin bloodDIABETES If you continue in this pattern beta cell stars to get damageddue to constant stimulation to produce insulinType 1cant produce insulin NO beta cellsBlood is slackish thick blood due to high glucoseRetinalose of circulation blindness nd2 most reason to amputation Kidney failure Untreatable Type 2 Lifestyle disorderPA inactiveoverconsumption ReversibleBenefits of regular activity Even just a little PA is beneficialIf you do want optimal health benefit than more fitness is required Nutrition the science of foods and the nutrients they contain and their actions within the body ingestion digestion absorption transport metabolism and excretion 2 Factors Genetics and EnvironmentNutrition IS the environment so it can be changed manipulated etc 1 FOOD CHOICES Personal Preferencetaste plays a huge role in food people choose2 major preferences salt and sweettaste buds vary where some people enjoy specific cultures of food chinese indian etcgenetics my mom cant eat pepper so I cant either HabitI eat cereal for breakfast because Ive always had cereal for breakfasteating familiar foods makes someone comfortable Ethnic HeritageTraditionpeople eat the foods they grew up withreligion culture etc play a big role Social Interactionspeople tend to eat more quantities of food while socializingmeals are social events social drinking etc Availability Convenience and Economyaccessible quick and easy to preparewithin financial meansconsumers of fast foods are limited to menus and products designed for quick preparationrising food costs change consumer priority less likely to buyer higher priced healthy foods Positive and Negative Associationpeople like particular foods often associated with occasions like hot dogs at a baseball game etcsometimes parents use foods as a reward and punishment which teaches the child to not like certain foods by association conditioning Emotionssome people eat more or less when theyre stressed depressed have anxiety bored etc a depressed person would rather eat then call a friendsome people find emotional comfort in food that alter chemicals alcohol chocolate ValuesReligious beliefs political views environmental concernsLent Easter etc Body Weight and Imageselect food and supplements that will improve physical appearance Functional Foods foods that provide health benefits beyond nutrient contribution modified foodsfortified milkadd phytochemicals which is a nonnutrient compound that help with biological activity
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