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PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

Creativity Study Notes: Course Kit Pages 129-End Uses of Mind Maps: 1) Notes: Whenever information is being taken in, mind maps help organize it into a form that is easily assimilated by the brain and easily remembered 2) Recall: Whenever information is being retrieved from memory, mind maps allow ideas to be quickly noted as they occur, in an organized manner. 3) Creativity: Mind maps liberate the mind from linear thinking, allowing new ideas to flow more rapidly. Think of every item in a mind map as the centre of another mind map 4) Problem-solving: Mind maps help you see all the issues and how they relate to each other. They also help others quickly get an overview of how you see different aspects of the situation, and their relative importance. 5) Planning: Mind maps help you get all the relevant information down in one place and organize it easily 6) Presentations: The visual nature of mind maps means you can read the whole thing in your head as you talk, without ever having to look at a sheet of paper. The Priority Matrix: Most creatively productive individuals are aware of the Priority Matrix and use it to organize their activities. IMPORTANT NOT IMPORTANT URGENT 1) Important & Urgent 2) Not Important but Urgent NOT URGENT 3) Important but Not 4) Not Important and Not Urgent Urgent Think of things in everyday life that could fit into the four categories: Box 1 Important and Urgent – Rent – could be urgent and important, especially if you don’t have the money Box 2 Not Important but Urgent – false fire alarm – could seem urgent at first but ultimately is not important Box 3 Important but Not Urgent – Income tax, Dr’s Appt, having children, retirement, etc. – this box presents most opportunities and the most problems for many individuals. These things are all important but not urgent. -Many of us get into trouble because we don’t plan in lives -we ignore box 3, recent report states 90% of retired people in US have no savings – tragic, but probably true -good exercise would be to write down (once in a while), all the things that are important but not urent for you then rate them on scale of one to ten in terms of importance. -begin action on item number one in priority list. If you act immediately this will help you achieve your goals, if not, the probabilitiy that you will achieve your goals will be close to zero Box 4 Not Important and Not Urgent – includes all things we do that are neither important nor urgent, including watching television and cleaning our fingernails. -Keep in mind a doctor’s appointment may be important but not urgent until your health fails, and rent may not be urgent until next month when you’ve just paid it although it’s still important. Creativity and Your Future The Cancer Stage of Capitalism Our social immune system is being overwhelmed by the growing out-of-control money market – by John McMurtry  John McMurtry is a prodessor of philosophy at the University of Guelph  He uses metaphor of modern capitalism as a cancer to describe recent uncontrolled spread of global capitalism.  Argues it’s an invasive growth that threatens to break down our society’s immpne system and if not soon restrained, could reverse all the progress that has been made toward social equity and stability.  Society’s “defense system” we think of armed forces – we’ve been conditioned to do so  The Military-industrial establishment and the armaments business are the world’s most powerful institutions of organized violence and international trade  They must be sold as society’s primary form of “self-defense” – in order to preserve their vast power  Society’s real system of self-defense is public health process and it’s deprived of its proper resources and functions  Society’s health and life defenses are being attacked from another side now due to more invasive assaults on the protection of life within societies: environmental despoliation, redistribution of wealth from poor and middle-income classes to rich, and the radical dismantling of public forms of life-provision  Prior to 70’s, capitalism had been compelled by “communist threat” worker’s movements and a new electoral accountabilitiy to adopt preventive measurs against its own internal pathologies  Slowly under great social pressure, advanced capitalist societies introduced social reforms to limit invasive assaults on worker’s lives and development  Process began with social legislation that restricted working hours and factor caused hazards and diseases and eventually led to laws requiring tax-supported educational, health and social security protections for all members of society. o In this way, pathological patterns of capitalist organization of society were counterbalanced by socially legislated protections of life development and security  Social break down was resisted for some time due to gov’t bodies  This is the social immune system  Despite this social immune system, relatively sudden mutation of social orders has recently emerged: o The Loss of Income Security: Only income security can assure members of capitalist- organzied society the requisite needs of life since these needs hae become increasingly commodified (available only upon payment of money), continuity of money income for vital life sustenance has become increasingly essential o Food, clothing, and shelter are now normall available only in commodity form o Capitalist-organized societies are reducing and eliminating social infrastructures that assure sufficient monetary life-income for members of social bodies  Real incomes of most of society’s members have declined across the world  Revenue increasingly flowing to private money-capital investors, means of life that remain have become ever more endangered and insecure  Unemployment rates continue to rise, protective social sectors everywhere are suffering cutbacks  Unregulated cross-border movement of money capital for nonproductive speculative sizures of social incomes is accelerating in volue and velocity everywhere, reaching an estimated 30 to 40 times the size of the total dollar turnover for goods and services (30-40x as much money is traded to make more money as is spent on goods and services  ¼ of the world’s people are now starving, and 1/3 of all children are malnourished –a pattern of deprivation of the most basic means of life  Universal rapidity and apparent inexorability of these advances of basic requirements of life sustenance  Small and increasingly walled-in proportion of social boides is escalating its appropriation of world society’s income, while access to vital life means is rapidly decreasing and becoming more insecure for a rising majority of the globe’s population  Social breakdown: 2 great classes of social members in capitalst-organized societies: thise who are employed and paid aofr contributing to the generation and accumulation of capital, and those who are unemployed.  since need for employees declines with labour-cost reduction methods and with dismantling of public sector, full-time employees in capitalist-organized societies are diminishing  nearly 1/3 of world’s 2.2 billion workers are now estimated to be unemployed  this loss of social function leads to wide variety of pathological outcomes  probability of unemployed man succumbing to heart disease or cancer doubles within 5 years  adolescent suicide and prostitution rate escalate a future employment prospects darken  most lethally, ethnic wars, racist attacks, armed violence, urban riots, beatings of women and children, and mass murders seem also to rise in areas of high unemployment  Environmental Damage: capitalist organization of environmental usage determines environment’s sustainability or lack of it, and this includes : o the atmosphere o fresh water and oceans o topsoils o forests o animal habitats and species o mineral resources  corporate leaders demand less government interference despite degeneration of all these global life conditions and elements  world scale of 20,000 pages of GATT or World Trade Organization regulations and 1,400 articles within NAFTA specify exact rules to protect rights of capitalist corps to own, produce, sell, and invest across boundaries.  Absent from this mountain of regulations are any effective environmental protections against increasing pollution, destruction, wastes, exhaustion, or extinction  invasiveness of such “free trade” regimes may be discerned by the pathologies of its outcomes  air is increasingly unbreatheable; no one may stay in the sun without cancer danger; oceans and ecosystems are becoming lifeless in various parts of the planet; tropical and temperate rain forests are clear-cut at the rate of 100 acres a minute; plants and animals of countless arieties are becoming extinct every year; and the sounds of the world are ever more dominantly coming from the din of fossil-fuel motors –but profit-exploitation of global life-environment only increases its assaults without self-control. The Cancer Stage of Capitalism  long-term, systematic and irreversible destruction of global life-organization emerged for first time during current advanced stage of capitalism.  If you consider defining principles of cancer and eventual destruction of life-host, it’s difficult to avoid seeing that a cancer pattern is increasingly invading and spreading across the planet In other words it… 1) Is an uncontrolled and unregulated reproduction and multiplication of an agent in the host body (host body is our planet and everything on it) 2) Is not committed to any function of the host body 3) Is increasingly appropriating nutriments from the host body in its growth and reproduction 4) Is not effectively recognized by the immune system 5) Possesses the ability to transfer or metastasize its assaultive growth to sites across the host body 6) Progressively infiltrates and invades the host body until it obstructs, damages, or destroys successive organs of its life-system; and 7) Eventually destroys the life-host in the absence of an effective immune-system recognition and response  this is most sudden attack on society’s protective systems which were designed to ward off internal starvation of members’ functions and growth by capitalist invasion and accumulation  globally, protective systems are now being dismantled at every level  society’s protective systems are openly being “cut”, “slashed”, and “axed” to “reassure lenders and investors” – that circuit of money investment and profit that is no longer linked to the production of circulation of useful goods and services  money capital seeking more money without producing any life good or service goes back in history but never before has it been dominant form of social life-organization  the mutation of this macro-circuit of money investment and prodit occurred when money capital became exclusively committed at every stage of its growth to the direct multiplaction of itself  spirally debt and deficit circuits currently bankrupting governments and social infrastructures around the world are a primary channel of money-capital’s mutated form as it invased social hosts and appropriates their life resources for its own growth and spread o ex. Even after trillions were taken from the poor, less-developed countries by the money-extraction cycles of major banks, their total indebtedness to the banks doubled o the disease agent advances against the weakened host social body and spreads more widely and deeply into its vital organs  Capitalist organized media and information systems select for dissemination only messages that do not contradict the capitalist organization of social bodies  Because of subordination of social systems of research and communication to transnational capital control, whaterver does recognize capitalist cancer is normally rejected.  Social immune suppression is now global with over 90% of all foreign news output controlled by 5 US. And European multinational news agencies.  Cancerous takeovers of life-systems only prevail if they are not recognized by their hosts  Life-bodies recover when the immune system recogniezes and responss to the systematic disease attacking them  On the macro-level of carcinogenic invasion, effective response now minimally requires a global determination to resist, regulate and beat back the lethal, uncontrolled growth and metastasis of cancerous capitalism Wholeness  Wholeness is beneficial to entire living system we have on this earth  Selfishness if beneficial to individual living organism  Through precession an individual accidentally and unknowingly contributes to wholeness An individual can contribute to wholeness in two ways: 1) By being unselfish and other directed 2) By actualizing their natural selves, that is, by being selfish  We also contribute to wholeness whenever we encounter or interact with any other living thing e.g. we buy stuff for ourselves, and seller also gets value or they wouldn’t sell  We must grow plants and animals to eat, thus we keep other living forms alive Martin Buber’s I-THOU concept (instead of I-It), if implemented will save the world. Three parts to I- Thou attitude 1) Recognize other’s existence 2) Attribute worth 3) Recognize, validate, and appreciate their uniqueness You, Your Creativity, Buckminster Fuller, and Wholeness Wholeness- Alex Gerber introduces us to Buckminster Fuller Buckminster Fuller was an American Architect, ineventor, early champion of principle of synergy and a pioneer in exploration of whole systems and their relevance to understand and addressing the problems of Earch. -Space ship Earth – his term, so is “design science revolution” -Bucky’s dream was “to make the world work in the shorest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offence or the disadvantage of anyong” –prof -BUCKY MADE COMPREHENSIVE ANTICIPATORY DESIGN SCIENCE – an experiment to see what the penniless unknown individual might be able to do effectively on behalf of all humanity” “the most important person on earth will be the person who best understands and channels the natal capabilities o fall humans” if each of us actualizes every person we meet then each of us will be that most important person on earth at that moment – BUCKY Symbiotic: the bee extracts nectar and pollinates at the same time, accidentally. Accident is nature’s design, so it’s not accidental. This symbiotic process is called precession, as per Bucky Precession: When we express ourselves freely the way poets and artists do, others become inspired to reach their potential, cross pollination, contributes to personal growth of person and eventually to the growth of our race. People such as politicians who do not express themselves truly hinder this for themselves and others. Bucky’s question for us: how do I find out how to use my mind knowledge and expdrience to the highest advantage of others in the shortest possible time? Integrity: attend to what you sense, feel, intuit, with all your senses – RBF (BUCKY) – this is the most important guide to living Pyschocybernetics : development of identity – we need others (people) and objects (environment) to develop our identity to confirm our existence, and affirm our worth. This process is psychocybernetics The True Nature of Reality According to Buckminster Fuller Bucky’s Self-Disciplines (Goals) *decided that nature might support a man who was doing what nature wanted to be done and concluded thst I would eb informed by nature if I proceeded in the following manner: 1) use myself as an experiment to see what, if anything, a healthy, young male uman of average size, experience and capability with an economically dependendt wife and newborn child without capital, without degree could do that could not be done by great nations etc etc etc 2) commit all of my productivity toward dealing only with the whole planet earth and all its resources and cumulative know-how. Observation of my life to date shows that the larger the number for whom I work, the more positively effective I become. Thus, it is obvious that if I work always and only for all humanity, I will be optimally effective 3) seek to do my own thinking, confining it to only experientially gained information 4) seek to accomplish wharever is to be attained in such a manner that the advantage attained would never be secured at the cost of another or others 5) seek to cope with all humanly unfavorable conditions by searching for the family of relevant physical principles involved 6)reduce my inventions to physically working models and must nevr talk about the inventions until physically proved or disproved 7) seek to reform the environment, not he humans. I am determined never to try to persude humanity to alter its customs and viewpoints 8)never promote or sell either my ideas or artifacts or pay others to do so. All support must bne spontaneously engendered by evolution’s integrating of my inventions with the total evolution of human affairs. 9) Assume that nature has its own gestation rates, not only for the birth of each new biological component, but also for each inanimate technological artifact 10) seek to develop my artifacts with ample anticipatory time margins so that they will be ready for use by society when society discovers through evolutionary emergencies a need for them 11) seel to learn the most from my mistakes 12) seek to decrease time wasted in worries procrastination and to increase time invested in discovery of technological effectiveness 13) seek to document my development in the official records of huma nnity by applying for and being granted government patents 14) above all, seek to comprehend the principles of eternally regernerative univers and discoer how humans function in these principles 15) seek to educate myself comfrehensively regarding nature’s inventory of chemical elements, their weights, performance characteristics, relative abundance’s, geographical whereabouts, metallurgical alloys, and chemical associabilities and disassociabilities 16) seek to comprehend full gamut of production tool capabilities, energy resources, and all relvant geological, meteorological, demographic, and economic data 17) seek to operate only on a do-it-yourself basis and only on the basis of intuition 18) plan for my design science strategies to advantage the new life to be born on earth, life born unencumbered with the conditioned reflexes so prevalent today 19) commit whole-heartedly to the above and pay no attention to “earning a living” in humanity’s established economic system, yet find that my family’s and my needs are provided for by seemingly pure happenstance and always only in the nick of time. Council of Canadians  Founded in 1985, it’s Canada’s largest citizens’ organization  Work to protect candian interdependence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, sage food, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern to Canadians  Develop creative campaigns to put some of the country’s most important issues in spotlights WAYS TO BE MORE CREATIVE – ROBERT STERNBERG AND TODD LUBART 1) REDEFINE THE PROBLEM 2) LOOK FOR WHAT OTHERS DON’T SEE 3) LEARN TO DISTINGUISH GOOD IDEAS FROM POOR IDEAS 4) YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT 5) CULTIVATE GLOBAL STYLE 6) PERSEVERE 7) YOUR INTRINSIC MOTIVES 8) FIND SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENTS 9) ATTITUDE OVERCOMING INERTIA - PROF 1) DO IT NOW DON’T DELAY, BEGINNING IS BREAKING THE HOLD OF INTERIA 2) KNOW WHAT WORKS FOR YOU –WHAT WORKED FOR YOU IN THE PAST 3) TIME –SET ASIDE TIME, EVEN JUST LITTLE BITS EVERY DAY 4) I HAVE NO TIME – NOT AN EXCUSE 5) MINI
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