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Creativity Kit Notes

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York University
PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

Imagination can improve with practice our imaginative skill can be used as a tool for solving problems Brief Def of Creativity It is novel and usefulsignificant creativity is local modifying a recipe or Creativity is universal Einsteins theory Comprehensive Def of CreativityIs a basic human instinct It is the personality product and process win a domain field in which it is judged that is genetically influenced and w optimal environmental influences of home school community and culture gender and chance right place and right time Different ppl vary greatly w creative talents which can also be enhanced or suppressed Three types of creativity Personal creating and recreating your self Artistic art music theatre and creative problem solving CPS inventing soln bisociation an invention that is created by connecting two things together that have never been connected before Many tests measure creative potential ability or aptitude however they do not really measure ones creative productivity Historical and Current Views of Creativity Vitalism creativity as a theisticmystical source Nativism origins of creativity from the genes Empiricism creativity is learned Energentism is both hereditary and environmentally based Cognition creativity comes from thought processes Serendipity creativity discoveries are accidental
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