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PSYC 4060 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dark Fantasy, Great Spirit, Dysfunctional Family

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PSYC 4060
Gary Turner
Study Guide

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Tidbits from Practice
- small talk: become comfortable, used to measure the comfort level and atmosphere
- change is done by the client: create an atmosphere that allows this to happen
- client can listen to what the therapist has to say, or they can let their mind drift
- to make them comfortable: breathing exercises (relaxation), focus on body area that needs attn
(texture, sensation); ask your inner self about info on the issues (ask for follow up info)
- talk about something irrelevant after session. Below subconscious there are still things going on, so
don’t ask about session b/c it will interfere BUT don’t stay silent. Later, ask how it was
- beginning: breathing comes down (relaxed, calm mind/body BUT don’t use word relax, b/c its better
if it comes from them) ALSO makes you more present and aware of body/senses
- Object referral = attn towards external objects; self-referral = attn towards self primary centre *circle
connected to all point
- great tool for the psychotherapist is meditation
- techniques are things that happen in daily life, nothing different
- when a client 1st comes in and you don’t know how to proceed, follow the client and their needs b/c it
changes every minute/session. To follow: be in tune w/ yourself, client will want to talk about things
that aren’t helpful, but to follow you must be in turn w/ yourself
- you think knowledge is outside, Plato says need to look for the sun!
- key to philosophy: established in yoga centres, performing actions
- most important tools is meditation b/c its goes to the source (centre)
- when you go to psychotherapy, the motivation is there to fix the problem b/c they gave their time/$
and usually tried everything else
- sometimes clients come w/ the need to talk and they have their own agenda BUT therapists shouldn’t
interrupt them b/c she knows they feel the need to tell it
- therapist takes guidance from the client; subtle, not obvious
- when the client is uncomfortable, there are issues that need to be cleared (can’t be cleared if the
client feel discomfort, calls for metaphorical dancing, acknowledge the client’s experiences, encourage
sense of comfort/confidence)
- Therapist and client need to be on the same wavelength
- success from the therapist’s POV: in tune w/ one’s self, learning something from the session, ability to
be present and connect w/ the client
- need to check internal exp: during/after session, be aware and not follow a rigid protocol
- goal = peacefulness, calm, joy, confidence in client’s eventual success and in the human spirit
- more than belief, in the big scheme of things, therapist has to “be there”, not even necessarily b/c of
the therapist, life provides opportunities and people for change
- actual behaviour should be easy/natural (comfortable)
- most effective psychotherapeutic tools are content-free; we don’t need to know the client or their
problem; allows the therapist to be neutral w/ their expectations
- Therapist needs to listen, not interfere w/ client’s POV/expression of the issue
- Therapist must accept the client’s sense of despair by: being claim in an embracing way and not going
with the natural tendency to minimize (ex/ dismissing the client’s feelings even if it comes from a good
- can’t attach one’s role as a psychotherapist to the outcome
- client does their own work
- if someone feels strongly about a topic, therapist goes w/ it (+ve energy)
- if the client is uncomfortable, therapist tells the client to dance about it. This clears the –ve 
progression if relaxed
- make the client comfortable, but not at the client’s expense. Allow a sense of comfort to go into the
“scary place”
- when the therapist isn’t connecting w/ the client, they need to change what they’re doing.
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Shamanic Psychotherapy
The Theoretical Perspective
1. How is Human Nature Described?
- Highest level thought of Great Spirit was of human soul; not omnipotent. Evolves itself into new
forms and new experiences as it explores the infinite potential of itself within the 20 Counts and the
sacred cycles w/in 0-9 law. It can only do this through humans, we are the key
- We are a small, immature holographic mirror image of Everything
- Great Horse Race: you rep humanity’s t choices at critical turning points in interactions w/ each
other, Earth and life in general.
Red horse = Earth changes (way of rebalancing and purifying herself)
White horse = impact of $, industry, tech (sacrifice Nature and human rights worldwide on the
altars of profit and power, feeds directly to Dark Horse)
Dark Horse leads = shadow energy of humanity, war/manipulation; attacks on freedoms,
famine, disease; poverty
Gold horse (Rainbow Light Warriors) = beauty, power, autonomy, freedom. Humans living
with in harmony/unity. Races for a world gifted with enlightened leaders, compassion and
respect for our differences
- All life flows in the stream of livingness defined by Sacred Law, we are all called upon to fight for
right, but always in alignment with the perfect justice of sacred Law
- Only two numbers: zero and one, out of zero there are nine movements (0-9 laws)
- Time is a human device to establish place/time, there is no past or future, only now
- When anything produces action/causes movement, moves through 10 steps. Key to creation of 1st
Breath, and to everyday thoughts/actions. Chiefs follow steps of creation that came from 1st Breath, by
tracking light energy of 20th count. Starting as 20, as the creational 0; they formulated the Energy Light
Movement Wheel
- 20 – creation at 0, 0 potential of all forms of all things, universal unconsciousness
- 19 – Breath of Life/Light, 1st movement/ripple of life, produced power of spirit to take on any and
all life forms, transform spirit to substance and substance to spirit,
-18 – MAT, test/challenge strength/weakness, use mistakes as learning, eval ongoing purity, become
collective unconsciousness, each MAT soul individuated to 9 spirit personalities
- 17 – 10 Magical Laws of Wisdom formed intending, collective unconscious sprit personality of each
soul, potential to move/flow along rivers of light to world of physical substance form and back again,
- 16 – choice and termination, MAT soul chooses 1/9 spirit personalities it will send 1st to begin
outward journey of reincarnation cycles, 8 lifetimes at a time, sit in Council w/ other most significant
lifetimes, this is the only lifetimes that matters because we are conscious, all others are out there in
other times and dimensions and we’re not conscious in them
- 15 – collective MAT soul space of all humans as matter created, reincarnation  master physical
form, oppositional energies, paradoxes, dualities, spirit personality crosses from spirit into physical
form, enters womb of mother, veil of forgetting (erases memory of Source)
-14 – cost of becoming physical (lose soul memory), imagination, Bridger world of substance and
spirit – Great messenger, Earth Father, Holy Spirit; possible for spirit personality in physical form
to connect to Soul, meet fear (1st enemy in spirit and substance)
- 13 - Great Death Changer, death giving life, life giving rebirth, spirit physical
- 12 – fertilize magma of certain planets so that they could become the largest MAT spaces capable of
sustaining human habitation and reincarnation cycles
- 11 – magma seeds of certain Suns catalysed to fertilize Grandmom plants to sustain human life,
granddad Suns have sister Moon(s) revolve, give humans seed of memory
- 10 - humans come into conscious existence in physical form, birth, consciousness/states of
awareness, intellect, self-worth (Great Spirit soul intent holding as we birth, 10th chakra/halo)
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- Sacred Sun Dance Journey of the Soul – push edges for excellence ad physical mastery, stretching
imagination, seek challenges/opportunities, gain knowledge and wisdom
- Soul has 1 purpose: move energy forward as consciousness, grow/evolve
- best of yourselves you have ever been b/c there is a progressive evolution of souls
- You aren’t a person, you’re a MAT soul space the physical body houses
- Everyone is dancing Star Maidens Circle by being alive (cognitive map traces patterns of how we do
what we do because of the molding, sculpting, and armoring of our image makers)
- The moment we are alive we proceed around Medicine Wheel, experiencing life form each direction,
dark shadow side (ark mirrors) and light side (light mirrors)
- currently in 9th lifetime, sitting in a council w/ 8 of other most significant lifetimes. They are there in
other times/dimensions, not always conscious of them now
- when we die, spirit travels through time/space/dimension back to Source
- Wheel guides us to eliminate or alter these patters, embrace/change personal dream, bring
fulfillment to our lives as the true nature spirit we are
- 9 pins/movements around wheel, each direction holds Warrior’s attribute (1/8 parts of the whole of
how we pattern ourselves and our relationships in the world)
Southeast: Our Self-Concepts and Worldview – attitude and approach
- inward subjective Self-concepts that color or affect all our life experiences
- warrior w/ bow (self that aims for life target), quiver (Warrior’s Circle of physical/spiritual
resources), arrows (choices about how you express energies, how you process your life exp)
- 7 Dark arrows – attachment, dependency, judgment, comparison, expectation, needy child, self-
important. keep you in mired karmic circle  low self-esteem and view of the world
- 7 Light arrows – self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-acceptance, self-pleasure, self-love, self-
actualization, impeccability (warrior’s freedom). Understanding and empowerment come from
focusing on the reflections of yourself, karma  dharma
- 7 Rainbow arrows – illumination, introspection and natural intuition; trust, innocence, perfection;
wisdom; heart-to-heart comm, balance M/F energies; abundance and prosperity. Gifts for right
actions: pick up light arrow, break dark one  rainbow arrow comes back
- Needs - legitimate reality needs (e.g. food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep),
- Wants – wishful yearning for that which is not a need/desire, may change/enhance well-being if you
were to acquire it. Distractions, think you don’t deserve the thing you want. To satisfy, ST/LT pleasure,
if you can’t get what you want don’t lose much energy
- Desires - highest level of energy awareness where you meet your reality needs, det which wants are
desires, let go of the rest. Attn is on feeding hunger (enhance character, excellence, increase value
assessment of self-worth). Key to attaining awareness lies in willingness to engage with life fully,
confront life’s challenges, willing to make mistakes to learn/grow. Confrontations help you to mature
and to become stronger and more powerful every day
- Warrior’s primary attributes - attitude and approach can’t do anything about past except learn,
can’t do anything about future but prepare (change what you can; for all else change attitude) 
journey as struggle or a dance of Beauty
South: Mythology and Entertainment – emotional balance and control
- create story/screenplay, cast ourselves in character we have been told; survival stories
mask/describe pain of mold, sculpt, armor in journey to adulthood. In adulthood = rewrite
- dark –entertainment pain game (abandoned child who won’t take responsibility, entertain yourself
with fear, anger, stress, and depression)
- take responsibility of what we are, acknowledge self-worth as a soul in the body of Great Spirit 
more readily shift into and maintain focus on soul consciousness
- emotional situation, stories take on flavor of total survival – you against the world
- emotions cloud perceptions, use imagination to say out of the emotional traps
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