Final Exam Part A: PPAS 2200

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Public Policy and Administration Studies
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PPAS 2200

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Part A Essay Questions1 Critically discuss the relationship between crime and race ethnicity in the Canadian contextTalk about born suspects in peoples eyes some races are seen and portrayed as criminals and are spoken upon the words born suspectsFor example in the film Shades of Blue it shows how the people of Nova Scotia see black people and automatically assume they are suspects of a crime In the Canadian context peopleof colour are assumed to be involved in many crimes in relation to white Canadians It is backedup by the fact that many coloured people take more space in jail rather than white people Also Aboriginals are involved in many crimes and they are in jail more people are in jail compared to their total population 2 How do the courts control administrative actions and how do they achieve administrative justice Lecture Administrative law and Administrative Justice Court should not be taking the role of the government They may intervene but shouldnt be taking it over Courts dont regulate judicial or regulate personal activities such as how to dress or when to take a shower A liberal government may intervene more than a conservative oneThe court controls administrative justice by judicial reviews government policies tribunals boards that are responsible for government policies There are two aspects of judicial reviewProcedural fairness procedures used by agencies oCertain common law principles impose limits or obligation upon tribunalsSubstantive review interpretation and application of substantive provisionsoLaws must not violate the charter provisionsoHanding over legislation defines powers to be allocatedThe notion of national justicesets out the framework for fairness judicial review Courts achieve administrative justice by having the judges a conscious role when applying the charter to these procedures This is done by fairness in administrative justice which has two perspectivesImpartiality and honestyReasonable treatment should have objective rules for the decisionObjective of administrative justice what they want to achieveGreat measure about achieving fairness in public administration Inform the charter rights and are explicit informing human rights Laws must not violate the charter provisions Achieve administrative justice by linking it to judicial review There are three sectionsGrounds of redressoAdministrative tribunal must act within their tribunals do not cross the linendo2 ground The decision made by these bodies are reasonable or not could be based on bias discrimination prejudiceoFacts has to provided for the decisionAppeal procedure oFollow certain proceduresLegal remedies oTo reverse the decision oRe interpret and send it back to the tribunal to be reassessed once moreoMonetary compensation very rareBackground infoWhat is administrative lawRegulating state society relations Legal limitation on the action of the government officials Every aspect of private law have all become part of government regulatory The implementation of the regulations have impact on us sometime negative we take it to judiciary Limited by common law and the constitution Modern Administrative StateThe scope of the modern states activities are varied and diverse Governments private activity economicsocialRegulates our private life activities whatever we do everything is regulatedoPhone use in car oHomethe loudness of speakersPowers of Administrative Agencies We can use different typologiesaCompensation assessment ex Employment insurance workerbLicensing license any kind of license doctor driving
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