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Public Policy and Administration Studies
PPAS 3140
Mai Nguyen

1Glocalization process in which a product or service is developed globally but tailored to accommodate consumers in local markets Can be marked by the catchphrase Think locally act globallyKFC and McDonalds are examples of effects glocalization has on a business2Lord Durham Report also known as the Report on the Affairs of British North America 1839 Was called to look into the colonial grievances after the Rebellions of 1837 and also because the Queen was concerned with American invasion In his report Lord Durham made three recommendations a unite Upper and Lower Canada Province of Canada should be created b secondly he recommend unilingualism which was not granted and c lastly and more importantly he recommended responsible government which was implemented in 1847 The report influenced the emergence of a party system municipal governments and played an important role the development of Canadian autonomy 3Governance is referring to a new process of governing or the method in which a society is governed Governance is ultimately concerned with creating order It has 6 uses 1The minimal state less government intervention in the lives of the citizens on a daily bases lots of privatization already happening in Toronto with the talk about Toronto Zoo privatization and cuts in civil service2Corporate governance there is a new focus on the issue of accountability and transparency privatization and deregulation3New public management NPM adopting private sector characteristics in public sector Therefore government should do more steering and les rowing in other words let the managers manage This empowers citizens and front line workers towards the right direction4Good governance is a term employed by the World Bank and its found in their structural adjustment programs SAPs 5Socio cybernetic system policy outcomes are not created by one government but by interactions in the society focuses on network interactions6Selforganizing networks focuses on managing networks and examines the management of selforganized networks eg cancer society networks that have no direct government intervention4BNA Act 1867 is the Constitution Act 1867 and formally known as the British North America Act of 1867 The act established the Dominion of Canada and the division of powers federal and provincial were mirrored to the ones of the UK Federal powers Peace Order and Good Government POGG economic development such as taxation and borrowing a common criminal code tariff and commercial policy and banking system and currency Provinces received responsibility for administration of justice municipal institutions matters which were viewed as defining the distinctiveness of French Canada education laws relating to property and civil rights etc However municipal governments are not mentioned anywhere in the BNA Act Municipalities do not have autonomy and no democratic standing are creatures of the provinces and the federal government has no direct power to interact with municipalities without provincial involvement 5BehaviouralismPluralism is one of the approaches of studying public policy outcomes Behaviouralists believe that only observing behaviours will help study policy outcomes Pluralists believe that nonstate actors are important in policy decisions And the state is not a unified actor thus will be pressured by different sectors in society and the end decision will be defined in the name of the state Pluralists also challenge that the state is a rational actor because the state eventually will give in competing interests 6Political Economy is an interdisciplinary study of economics law and political science and how the interactions of these 3 environments interact with eachother7Public Choice Theory idea that individuals are selfinterested Theorists believe that public good is nothing more than collective aspirations 8Political Culture involves a common understanding of the means by which fundamental political disputes among citizens and politically significant individuals over the distribution of goods and services will be settled with
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