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SOSC 1000 - Tradition and Modernity (Comprehensive)

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Traditional *There is no pure modern or traditional society because these terms are not dichotomous, meaning they are not black and white, and can share parts with each other. Greek – Sarakastan – Traditional hierarchal society – Similar to movie “The Godfather” • Campbell Reading – Family as a corporate group o Basic unit of analysis is the family o Security in return for obligations o Strong control over behaviour o Cannot trust “them” (hostility towards others) o The drive to enhance family honour and prestige o Family provides social services for issues such as alcoholism, finances, pension etc. o Crime is a private issue o Sex roles: Man cannot do woman work, and vice versa. Mass Society and Modernity Modernity has freedom, and resents any restriction to such, and will oppose those forces of government, morals, tradition etc. • Bell and Shills Reading – The development of Mass Society – Optimistic part of social science  Thompson – Horrors of industrial revolution did not share optimistic outlook on modernity. Recall child slaves, social injustice of class divisions etc. o Values ambition – ability to move on o Efficacy – belief that one can overcome obstacles o Consumption of money and leisure time o Conformity to societal norms to avoid being cast out of consensus population o Hedonism – Self-indulgence o Focus on choices of lifestyle rather than occupation, class etc. The
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