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sosc review

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Goldie

Thomas Hobbes – an English philosopher who was born in Westport, England in April 1588 and died in 1679. He was interested in political philosophy and history. He was significant to Social Science today mainly because of his exploration of the human condition. We study this to have a clear understanding of his philosophy which says.. This exploration says things such as –the motives or actions of humans are a internal bio-mechanical process. –good/evil depend on want a person loves/hates/seeks. In natural world, no objective value. -In natural world, no justice/injustice, everyone can do whatever they want for themselves. – humans are naturally equal in power of mind & body so no one has advantage over other. Immiseration- is a ‘Marxist theory’ which was brought up by Heilbroner that stated that to have a capitalist production it requires a decrease in real wages and worsening of work conditions. In my view this is something unconfirmed but the world may well be working its way to immiseration and it is important to know what it is. Dominant ideology- this term has a meaning in the outside world and one in social science that expands on it. It is how the people in a certain society view and think about their own society. It is the majority of a societies view, beliefs and values. In social science it expands into a more of a model by Marx is that since the majority of the society is a working class, that they could use this to their advantage and the working class could overrule the high class, rich to dominance in political and economic issues and become the dominant class of society. This is a very important view and I believe that it is actually happening in the real world today in the Middle East as the majority of people in countries are starting to realize certain things and revolt against rich, dominant leaders who don’t share the same ideology. Aggregate demand- is the total demand for goods & services in the economy at a certain price level and how much of it would be demanded at its price. Usually as price is down more is demanded Its important because with no demand there is no market, and this is an essential part of our life that we must understand. Holmsberg’s mistake- is the notion that our assumptions about Native American life may be incorrect because Native Americans were under duress of outside events (ex.war) when they and their culture were observed. Holmsberg’s mistake can be referred to mythistory, but its important to have all the possible fact about a certain part of history. Westary- this was a coal mine in Pictou Country, Nova Scotia where twenty-six coal miners were killed by an explosion in May 1992. This tragedy was a resul
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