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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Intro - Traditional and modern society  Equality  Family values Thesis: family values have changed during the past three decades in terms of equal rights for women in the workforce, however, our society still has a long way to go before family values truly revolutionize. Traditional society  nuclear family; needs of the family override individual needs  men go to work, they are the soul providers for the family  physical labour was done by them  women have to take care of the children and any housework  women are expected to bare children  women were expected to be the caregiver and were seen best to raise them  women not to be working outside of family duties (no job/career) o underlying patriarchal ideology that women are stupid  role of the mother was romanized ; idealized to becoming the loving mother and social butterfly  Her job as a wife includes providing sexual and psychological needs for her husband. Equalities  Man and woman are equal in power where woman could make decision too  Man and woman could have same education level and freedom of speech  Man and woman could perform the same job  There are more respect for woman  women's rights movement However the dynamics in family life have not changed: Women  While women do now work and have "careers" they are also expected to be the caregiver, as in take care of their children AND work.  There is always an imbalance between women and work; o if a women works too hard and pays more attention to her work than her kids she is a bad mother; o on the flip side, if she puts her kids first, and her job second she is seen as irrational, emotional and unfit for the working world;  There's a notion that mother's cannot be businessmen because of this; belief that they will put their kids before their work ; and men wouldn't do the same.  Rape culture is still very much alive and present; it is still seen as the women's fault for getting raped o
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