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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Thomas Hobbes was one of the first people to explore the discipline of social science. He created the idea behind the ‘social contract’. He pointed out that people limit their own personal freedom in order to have some sort of social stability. He questioned what separated people from forming a society. He helped dissolve the idea behind the ‘divine king’ having ultimate power brought to mankind through God. Parlimentarians were upset with his thesis because they did not like having the idea of a king having absolute power. Supporters of the king were also upset over the idea that the ‘divine king’ was not chosen by God, rather delegated by people. Him and others made people realize that they were in control over their own destiny, rather than having God or a fixed future. This lead to mercantilism. This is two political evolutions. This train of thought brought stronger relationships between merchants and kings in specific countries. England and France being two of them. The era of foreign trade and doctrine of colonial era. Governments came in control of regulating the money supply, exports and imports, as well as production. England was particularly concerned with keeping its colonies as a market for English production where as France was concerned with regulating production, as well as keeping wages low with high quality production. SIGNIFICANCE: influences thinkers which started off as him started studing the relations between rulers and the ruled, thu creating orging of social scince in the belief that humans can control their own destiny. Immiseration: DEFINITION: Immiseration refers to the type of production style that capitalism strives on. This includes a reductions in real wages, bad working conditions. 1 Further explanation: Immiseration is what capitalism cannot live without. Without Immiseration, capitalism is not capitalism.The people who work under the theory behind immiseration are generally lower class, and ‘only significant value is their labour’ . Immiserations goes as far back as early as the industrial revolution. In the movie called “Credit Where It Was Due”, we see how many people wanted to work in the factories. Even orphans were shipped from England to perform labour of every kind. Country people would mostly come as well for work. People would work in ‘unspeakable conditions’. Smith also claims that ‘the man whose whole life is spent performing a few operations has no occasion to exe rise his understanding and generally becomes as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human creature to become’. ‘Women and children labored under brutal conditions for les than subsistence pay’ . He also writes how this process dehumanized people. The value of goods and services is based on their value, but in a capitalist society, a larger portion of the value goes towards the property owner. Workers were getting exploited. People were getting hired for the lowest wage possible i
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