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Terry Conlin

Essay Question 1: Outline the content, origins and evolution of conservative, liberal and socialist ideology. Ideology is an attempt to explain the social reality, and the world around them. It explains but also evaluates the outline and describes the beliefs and values. They attempt to explain three different aspects of human life; economic, political, and social. There is a belief system and values the three ideologies for C, L, and S are essentially political in nature but also economic because each has a very detailed and systematic understanding of the way the world is ordered. Liberalism is an ideology that believes in the dominance free market capitalism, but in its origins it believes in the logic of the market as an unregulated arena of exchange, also in the context of the unregulated market places great emphasis on equality and importance of individuals opposed to the collective group. Free enterprise is anonymous with capitalism; liberals are concerned with the belief that entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals should be entitled to the products of their labour productivity and talent. Liberalism manifests itself in different ways, for example in Canada does not believe in logic of completely free market and believes in unregulated market can have negative social consequences. Origins of Liberalism lie with 18th century Scottish philosopher Adam Smith who in his essay the wealth of nations develops the prime tenets of liberal economic philosophy believes that through the 'invisible hand'. Conservatism has a lot of similarities with liberalism, and is to be considered to the right of liberalism. C places a lot of esteem in the dominate classes of society, they believe inequality is a natural human phenomenon, and in the lower classes, society needs leadership, and the dom
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