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Terry Conlin

Work has many aspects and it influences our lives in various ways. While many thinkers discussed the features and impacts of work, James Rinehart is one of the most important. In this essay, I will examine work from Rinehart’s point of view. According to Reinhart, work is characteristic to humans. Work is necessary for humans as it gives personal rewards and external rewards. Work can be Challenging, meaningful and bring self-fulfillment. Work influences the standard of living, life experience and opportunities. Work can bring prestige as people with high positions tend to be more appreciated in society. Being occupied is very important and unemployment brings disorientation and despair. Work influences people’s state of mind, it dictates how the leisure time is spent and is a thing that people spend much of their times on. When a large amount of people is affected by same social condition, it is labelled a social problem; therefore, Reinhart sees work as a social problem. A main problem in work is that it causes alienation, which, according to Reinhart, has four aspects. The first aspect is the isolation from the product, as workers do not determine the purpose and/or the quality of the product. The second aspect is the alienation from the process of work, as a worker does not determine the organization and the machinery in the process. The third is the isolation from self as work is not done for ones enjoyment or fulfilment; it is rather a mean
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