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Introduction to Research Methods Describes different approaches to research, including possible sources of data and ways to conduct research. Also gives a brief introduction to the rest of the course.

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1000
Judith Adler Hellman

Different Approaches in Social Science Mentioned as an essay question1 Study documents in libraries archives town halls etc As in historical demography the study of past populations or contemporary demographyDocuments such as lists of sales grocery lists lists with prices are important social science documents2 Massive social surveys Most popularly cited as the basis of how we know what we know3 Lab experiments Beside classical scientific experiments with lab rats cover things like the Asch study the Milgram study 4 InterviewsElite interviews Interviews with powerful people those who have influence are opinion leadersInterviewing people who are relatively powerless poor marginalized or ordinary5 Observations in a naturalistic setting ie fieldworkst1 part of the course How do you do fieldwork How do you become visibleinvisible How do you know that things are not being impacted by the fact that youre watching people Eg Surprisingly in Bohannans study of the Tiv the influence of the gender difference would be more significant than that of a racial difference3 ways of presenting yourself while conducting an experiment1 Observation dont try to participate in any way May complement observation with interv
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