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brief summary of a traditional society

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Social Science
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SOSC 1000
Robin Metcalfe

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The basic unit of a traditional society is family. Family plays a crucial role in traditional society. Everything has been divided between the honorable men and women. Woman in a traditional society were told to have lots of male children because the males will keep the family legacy going. Since the women were not allowed to work like the men were, they had to stay at home as housewives and look after their families. “Women are weak fearful, lacking in resolution but have greater depths of love; they are sensitive to shame and modest to love” (Campbell 112). The men were considered to be the bread winners in the family, the family relied on the honorable men for necessities needed to survive. Also the “men are courageous, austere, possess manliness and pride, but lack patience” (Campbell 112). Both the men and the women were not allowed to choose their own spouse, giving us
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